Wisdom 2.0 Conference

This week I was given the gift of a pass to Wisdom 2.0 Summit. A conference in San Francisco which asks a very timely question:

How can we live with greater presence,meaning, and mindfulness in the technology age?

The conference brings together wisdom teachers, technology leaders, politicians, media superstars, social change artists and others. All sharing the stage- creating  highly engaging discussions. Speakers include CTOs, technologists, CEOs & Founders from Cisco, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google, Facebook, Huffington Post and others. All are here to share their vision for the WHAT as well as the HOW of the present and future. Bill Ford, CEO of Ford Motor Company, was a truly inspired speaker. I grew up in Detroit and around Ford so the transformation and evolution of this company and its leadership is very exciting. As a an entrepreneur, these perspectives from business leaders and wisdom teachers deeply inspire and there should be more forums like these!

Today is the last day of the conference. We will learn from veterans about their journey back from experiences we cannot imagine through wisdom and healing practices. Wisdom and Social Change in the Digital Age promises to be an amazing session with Marianne Williamson and Congressman Tim Ryan hosted by the gifted Rachel Bagby. Tune in for the Live Streaming: http://www.wisdom2summit.com/Live-Stream conference videos will be available after the event as well.

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